Safety Health Environment

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Safety Health Environment (SHE) is a not-for-profit registered in the UK, which has the primary goal of reducing inequalities and promoting life-long health and well-being in low-income households in the developed and developing worlds. 

Our focus is on improving peoples’ safety, health and well-being through research, technology and innovation. 

We do this by: ​


Producing evidence and data for regulators and policymakers


Promoting the early adoption of emerging technologies


Facilitating collaboration between experts worldwide

The link between poverty, poor housing, and health and educational outcomes is well established. 

Our aim is for everyone to be safe and healthy in their home and we are working towards removing the avoidable risks through an international, collaborative approach.

Safety Health Environment
7 – 14  Great Dover Street
London SE1 4YR
United Kingdom

Our thoughts are with the families of those who lost their lives in the seaplane crash in Australia due to #COexposure Indoor environments extend beyond the home, to workplaces and vehicles, more needs to be done to ensure they are safe. #IAQ #aviation

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