The International Carbon Monoxide Research Network (ICORN) was established in 2016 to coordinate and promote research and data collection relating to carbon monoxide poisoning. The Network’s aim is to develop research which provides the evidence to improve policy and regulation as well as better education and awareness amongst the general public, healthcare professionals and others.

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STT – Safety Through Technology

STT aims to bring together relevant stakeholders to better understand and manage the risks in indoor environments. Risks to resident safety and health in indoor environments are highly underestimated and poorly understood for a variety of reasons. Some reasons include lack of coordinated efforts across stakeholders locally and globally, limited or lack of any data, and poorly understood health or safety impacts. Residents are exposed to chemical, biological, electrical, physical/structural hazards to name a few and the current approach by authorities is to deal with them independently.

STT recognises that technology can play a pivotal role in addressing the aforementioned risks and prevent future occurrences. Modern emerging technology such as those developed by Gas Tag, IoT, Blockchain and others provide significant opportunities to researchers, policy makers and solution providers to better understand these risks and address them in safe and cost-effective ways.

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